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Honda Wreckers in Melbourne

When it looks like your Honda is more than likely on its last legs, you need to start planning ahead. You will probably need to buy a new vehicle, seeing as you still need to get around in something. But first you need to sell the Honda, and quickly, as it could croak at any moment.

Selling an old and unwanted car quickly sounds like a hard task, but it really isn’t. Not if you live in Melbourne, home of the best car wrecking company in the world called Ali wreckers.


Best price for your Honda

As a leading japanese wreckers, we here at Ali wreckers take enormous pride in the fact that we pay the most for used, old and unwanted cars for the purposes of wrecking and recycling them. If you want to sell your Honda car, truck, Ute, van, SUV or 4×4 quickly and easily while still making the most money you can for it, you can do so by selling to us.

Obligation free quote

Getting a quote before selling to us is important because it gives you a heads up to roughly how much you will be getting from us. The best thing is the fact that the quote is free, and there are no obligations to do further business with us either. Just call us at 04 5591 4643 or if you like you can fill out the form on our website. It’s not hard to find, as it is on the front page.

Free Honda removal

If your Honda is not road worthy, you don’t have to set aside money with which to pay a company to transport it to our salvage yard. That would just cancel out the money we pay you. Remember that some of the incentive for selling to us is the sweet cash payment for your vehicle. It would not be right to then demand that you give up some of that cash in order to pay for the transport of the car to our place. So we will do it for you free of charge.

All Honda models accepted

We buy all the Honda models. This goes for such models as the Fit Shuttle, the City, Freed, Grace, Jade, Civic, BR-V, HR-V, Fit Hybrid, Elysion, Ballade, Avancier, Brio, Jazz, Legend, Vezel, Accord, Clarity, Amaze, Pilot, Ridgeline, Vamos, and any other model of Ford that you can think of, just add it to the list using your imagination.

Used Honda Parts for Sale

As a leading Melbourne auto dismantlers, we pride ourselves in many things, and one of them is the extensive inventory of high quality used parts. If you need a used part, buying it brand new would be throwing your hard earned money away. Use your brains and buy used, as it is cheaper and there is no compromise in quality. And by far the cheapest and highest quality parts can be found at our place of business, so call us or fill out the form on our front page and you will find that part in no time. Well done.

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Our Services

  • Cash for Unwanted Vehicles
    Paying up to $5000 cash for unwanted vehicles.
  • Any condition – Any Make – Any Model
    We are buying all the conditions with different models.
  • Free estimates – No obligations
    Feel free to get a free estimate for your vehicle.
  • Junk Auto Removal
    Melbourne wide FREE car removal.
  • Environment Lovers
    We support environment friendly vehicle recycling.
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