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American Wreckers in Melbourne

When your American car gets much too old to take care of, you might find that the best thing to do is to get it wrecked by your local wreckers. If you live in Melbourne, VIC, your best bet is to call Ali Wreckers. We are Melbourne’s top wrecking company and we recycle all the vehicles we get so that the environment can live to fight another day. On top of that, we buy them first. You can expect to get as much as $9999 for your American made car depending on its condition. Check out how much do Wreckers buy cars for in Melbourne.


Wreckers of General Motors Vehicles

Has your General Motors vehicle let you down one too many times? You would be extremely well advised to sell it before it starts costing you too much money to maintain. The good news is that if you live in Melbourne, Victoria, we here at AliWreckers will buy it off you. It doesn’t matter what model it is either. It could be a Chevrolet, a Buick, Cadillac or an Oldsmobile, or a Hummer.

We Will Wreck Your Old Unwanted Ford

The most recognisable name in American vehicles, Ford were there right from the very beginning of the automotive industry. They are literally a household name. And we buy them off people so that we can wreck them. If you are the owner of a Ford, no matter what model it is, we will buy it off you so we can wreck it. This goes for such models as Mustang, Lincoln, Ranger, Focus, Continental, Mercury, Fiesta and Lincoln. Find out more about how to sell your scrap Ford car if it doesn’t run.

Sell Your Old Chrysler to Us

Being the proud owner of a Chrysler may be nice, but being the ashamed owner of a junk Chrysler is the stuff nightmares are made of. Sell that Chrysler to us here at Ali Wreckers and you won’t be sorry, and your wallet will thank you as well. We buy all Chrysler models, whether it be a Cruiser, Sigma, Regal, Valiant, Viper, Pacifica, Prowler, Alpine, Aspen, Drifter or Dynasty.



Tesla cars are great cars indeed, but their greatness can be cut down by an accident or crash, and they are then reduced to mere scrap metal that needs a good recycling. We here at Ali Wreckers will pay top dollar for any Tesla out there, regardless of its model. This includes Model X, Model S Sedan, Roadster Sport 2.5, and any other Tesla model in existence.

American Car Used Parts

We here at Ali Wreckers will gladly sell you a part that you need in order to fix your vehicle, all you have to do is call us at 04 5591 4643 or fill out the form on our website. You will then find that we have a huge range of used parts due to all the cars we recycle, so come on down and find that part that you need.

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