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Holden Wreckers Melbourne, VIC

/ Holden Wreckers Melbourne, VIC

(Last Modified on: June 12, 2020)

Do you have a Holden that has reached the end of its career as a transportation machine? One can assume that it is in a state of disrepair that would cost more to fix than it would to buy a replacement car. If only you could sell it. However, it is hard not to assume that this will be an impossible task. People don’t buy junk Holden’s, do they? They would have to spend more money than they spent buying it just to get it on the road. And the maintenance costs afterward would add more expense as well!

Well, we here at Ali Wreckers are here to change that perception. We will buy that junk Holden that you feel you are stuck with. No longer do the good folk of Melbourne has to leave their scrap cars on their lawns or driveways until they have enough money to pay someone to dispose of it. Instead, they can sell those junk Holden’s to us!

We operate our services all over Melbourne, which means that whether you live in Dandenong, Clayton, Springvale, Frankston, Western Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, or anywhere else in Melbourne, you can enjoy our superior services.

Get Maximum Cash for Your Holden

We have a team of skilled expert valuators who have many years of experience in the industry. They look at the key details of any car, Ute, SUV, truck, van or 4×4 and can deduct with astounding accuracy how much that car will be worth. However, they do have a bias toward offering more than anyone else would be willing to offer for any vehicle. This is because we want to be keep our position as the lead cash for car service is Melbourne. And the best way to ensure this is to pay more than our competitors.

So, if your Holden is in good enough condition, you can get up to $5000 for it. If it is in bad condition, the minimum you can get is $150. So you have no reason to procrastinate any longer. Get on the phone so you can get top cash for your Holden today!

All Holden range of models accepted @ Ali Wreckers

We believe that Ali Wreckers provide the best car removal and cash for cars service in all of Melbourne. And we want everyone to have access to our expertise and skill in buying junk cars and removing them, regardless of what model of Holden they happen to have. It would be a shame to have to deny someone the means to be able to sell a vehicle simply because they have the incorrect model of Holden.

With this in mind, we are in the business of buying all the different models that Holden has put out. This includes the Commodore, Rodeo, Astra, Colorado, Kingswood, Premier, Adventure, Sunbird, Belmont, Berlina, Shuttle, Captiva, Jackaroo, Calais, Viva, Suburban, Torana, Epica, Calibra, Zafira, Frontera, Caprice, Barina, Camira and Cruze. That isn’t a complete list, just a sampling of the models that we are more than happy to spend our hard earned money on. Check out the complete list of Holden vehicle we wreck on a daily basis.

Any Holden Condition Is Wanted to Buy

While the condition that your Holden is in will have an impact on its value, don’t go thinking that it will in any way make it impossible to sell. Here at Ali Wreckers we buy junk cars. Junk vehicles are already in bad condition, by their very nature. Furthermore, these junk vehicles aren’t worthless. Many of them still have a lot of parts on them that are in just fine condition. Remember, that a vehicle can be considered junk simply because the engine is irreparably damaged. All the other parts on it will be perfectly re-usable on other vehicles. They just need to be salvaged by professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Not just anyone can complete this task. If it is done wrong, the parts can be damaged and made worthless.

Scrap Holden vehicles that are so damaged that there aren’t any parts on them worth salvaging will still have plenty of materials that can be salvaged. The main one being steel. Just so long as there is steel on a vehicle, which there will be, a car is worth money. So we will buy it, regardless of what condition it is in. That is a guarantee.

Buy Used Holden Car Parts

Do you have to replace a broken part on your Holden? Having to make repairs on a vehicle is already an annoyance, so why compound it by having to pay through the nose for a replacement component? This is not the financially pragmatic way to do things. You would be much better off if you were to buy a second hand Holden part. It will be just as good, and plus it will be totally affordable.

Here at Ali Wreckers, we are always buying Holden’s. This means that we get a lot of Holden parts to add to our second hand parts inventory. So why not take advantage of our large collection of Holden parts? You can either pick the part out yourself, or take advantage of one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to help you find the correct second hand part for your Holden. We have almost all the different kinds of spare parts, whether it is for a Holden Astra, Rodeo, Commodore and so forth.

Contact Holden Wreckers Melbourne Crew Today

So, you have an old Holden that is no longer of any use to you, and you have decided that you want to sell it to us? Great. First you need to get in touch with us. Call us 0406 355 786, or fill out the hand quote request form on the main page of our website. Provide us with the basic details of your Holden, including the age, condition, and model it is. And we will respond in no time at all with your free quote. After that we will come over, pay you cash and remove the Honda at no extra charge!

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    The crew at Ali Wreckers is great to deal with. Sold my Toyota Hilux and got the best price for that. Highly Recommended.

    Jake Smith

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