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Freightliner Truck Wreckers Melbourne

/ Freightliner Truck Wreckers Melbourne

(Last Modified on: June 12, 2020)

Trucks are often the backbone of many businesses that rely on the transportation of goods. The farming industry would be nothing without trucks. This is why when a truck no longer runs, a little bit of money will be lost while the truck isn’t being replaced. But you can’t just replace the truck. You also need to dispose of it somehow. Otherwise the truck you have replaced will pollute the environment and take up valuable space. This is not an agreeable situation at all.

Trucks Aren’t Immortal

There is a rule that governs trucks all over the world. And that rule can be stated thusly: All trucks eventually die, and your vehicle is no exception. This is regardless of how close you and your truck have become over the years. All you can do is sell it on before this happens, so that someone else is saddled with the job of finding a way to dispose of it.

Or, you may be the unlucky individual who has found themselves with a Freightliner truck that has reached junk status. If this is the case, you can call us at Ali Wreckers in Melbourne. We will buy the truck off you and remove it from your property for free. It is actually quite easy, and no fuss at all should be done about it.

Instant Freightliner Truck Removal all Over Melbourne

Do you live in Melbourne? Then you will be able to take advantage of our free truck removal service. This is because, if your truck isn’t running, it will be annoying for you to sell it to us only to have to have to spend the money we paid you on the truck’s removal. That would go against our principals of maximum dollars and extreme convenience for our customers. So with this in mind, we have a service that is very beneficial for folk who need it. The free truck removal service!

The truth of the matter is that we will travel to anywhere in Melbourne to relieve people of their junk Freightliner truck, and we will pay from $100 to $10,000. So not only is it free, but it can be lucrative as well. So don’t worry about where you live in Melbourne, whether it is Southbank, Jolimont, Parkville, Fishermans Bend, Coode Island, West Melbourne, Flemington, Kensington or anywhere else in the great city of Melbourne, just check out the Ali wrecker’s locations of giving us a verification call. We will gladly go there.

We Buy All Models of Freightliner Truck

If one of your worries about attempting to sell to us is whether we will accept your particular model of Freightliner trucks, never fear. Or if you do fear, you can put your fears to rest with the news that we buy all the models. That is correct. There isn’t such thing as a make or model of truck that we won’t buy. This includes such models as Freightliner Class 8 FLA, FLB, FLT, Argosy, FLC, FLD and C-Series, Medium Duty FL Series, Condor, Cargo and Business Class M2.

Any Condition of Truck Wanted

Furthermore, trucks of any condition are fair game for our truck purchasing activities. It matters not what level of disrepair it is at. We will buy it regardless of how wrecked, totalled or old it is. If the march of time has rendered the truck un-driveable, we will buy it. If it has been almost entirely damaged by rust, we will buy it. We do not turn down trucks because they are in terrible condition because there is always something to salvage from them.

Environmentally Friendly Solution

We recycle trucks, and we do so passionately. This is because we are helping the environment. How are we helping the environment?

Well, first of all, if you leave a junk truck lying around instead of recycling it, the toxic materials in it will leak out and contaminate the surrounding area. This stands to be bad mainly because of the wild life and plant life that are harmed.

Here at Ali Wreckers, we are more than aware of this fact. That is why we recycle trucks properly, including all of the bad chemicals that can be found within them.

Additionally, there is the fact that if we didn’t recycle the steel that make up trucks, more steel would have to be mined. As it is, steel recycled from cars and trucks goes into the manufacture of million upon millions of new cars and trucks. Subtract all that steel and the amount of mining taking place on the planet would increase by a huge amount. And mining uses far more energy than recycling. This energy use creates pollution and adds to the very real problem of climate change.

We provide scrap trucks quotes (Obligation free)

As a leading Melbourne Truck Wreckers, we are always pleased to provide the top cash offers. All you need to do is contact us. There are two different methods you can choose from in order to complete this simple task. Neither of them require you to put any kind of effort in at all.

The first method is to call us using the tried and tested method of using the phone. You can call us at 0406 355 786. A very easy phone number to remember if there ever was one. However, if you are more inclined toward contacting people online, that is okay. We have a way for you to get in touch with us too. On our website there is a form that we like to call the quote request form. It is located prominently on our website, on the main page.  Fill out the form on our website.

You can get a free no obligation quote from us. Do this if you are after a simple appraisal of your truck or if you are actually wanting to sell it to us.

Finally, sell your old truck in a Melbourne fearless and always get paid more when dealing with Ali Wreckers.

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    The crew at Ali Wreckers is great to deal with. Sold my Toyota Hilux and got the best price for that. Highly Recommended.

    Jake Smith

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