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Car Wreckers Laverton 3028

/ Car Wreckers Laverton 3028

(Last Modified on: June 11, 2020)

You may have recently discovered that your car has broken down. This will be fine if you can get it fixed. Whether or not you can do that usually has to do with how permanent this situation is. And that depends on the discrepancy between how much it costs to repair your car, and how much the car is actually worth. Perhaps your car will cost more than you would get if you sold it. If you live in Laverton 3028, Melbourne, this is when it is in your best interests to contact Car Wreckers Laverton at Ali Wreckers!


Licenced & Reputed Car Wreckers in Laverton 3028

It can be upsetting when the vehicle that has loyally provided you with constant transport for years has died for good. One can develop an emotional attachment to their ride, making it hard to let go. But all cars eventually need to be respectfully put to rest, and here at Ali Wreckers, we know how to do this properly.

Of course, you need to establish, first and foremost, that the car in question is beyond saving. This is usually done by comparing how much it will set you back financially to fix it, and how much it is worth. If it turns out that it will cost less to repair it, you should get those repairs done. But if the opposite is true, here at Ali Wreckers we are here to make selling your scrap car easy.

Scrap Auto Wrecking in Melbourne Since 1985

We have been wrecking and recycling cars for many years, and have the whole process down to a fine art. We are fully certified and licenced to buy old cars from people and dispose of them in the most environmentally friendly way possible. And you can take advantage of our great services anywhere in Melbourne. We operate out of Melbourne, Springvale, Melton, Frankston, Clayton, Werribee, Geelong, Dandenong, and last but not least, Laverton!

Top Cash for Old Broken Down Cars

When you have a vehicle, and you are keen on selling it, you aren’t planning on getting the least amount of money that you can from the sale. In fact, the contrary is true. You want the most. Everyone does. But when selling a scrap vehicle, it is easy to sell to a company that doesn’t pay as much as the automobile in question is worth.

Here at Ali Wreckers, we want to keep our reputation as the highest payers for scrap cars in town. Your scrap car will have materials and components that can be re-used and recycled. If you live in Laverton, we here at Ali Wreckers strive to pay the most cash in town, with up to $5’000 for cars depending on how much damage or disrepair they have accumulated.

However, we don’t only buy cars. We also buy larger automobiles, and they normally have more parts, components and materials on them. If you have a Ute, truck, 4wd, van or SUV to sell that is in scrap condition, we can pay up to $15’000 if it is in good enough condition. Whether you are selling us a car or larger vehicle, we will buy it off you no matter what condition it is in.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Here at Ali Wreckers, we want to keep our reputation as the number one Cash for Car Company. This is why we are so keen on making the experience of selling your car or buying parts from us as smooth and hassle free as possible. Our customer service team always have a smile ready to beam at any customers who come in. Or a smile in their voices for people who call. If you have any enquiries, they will help you happily.

If you need to know how much your scrap vehicle is worth, finding out is as simple as getting in touch with us. You can call us or fill out a form. We will take note of your car’s main details so that we can estimate how much it is worth. What details do we need? The automobile type, make, model, age and condition. Our car valuation experts have huge amounts of knowledge and expertise. In less than an hour, you will have a free, no obligations attached quote! If you are not interested in the offer that we provide you with via the free quote, that is fine. 

Cost Free Car Removal Laverton

You may have gone to the website’s that belong to other cash for car companies. You might have noticed that a lot of them will require people to sort out the transportation of their junk cars to the company’s salvage yard. Often, in the case of scrap cars, this invariably requires the seller to hire a towing company. This ultimately equals spending money to sell something. Here at Ali Wreckers we don’t want people selling us their car to spend money in order to do so. It only ends up with you having less money than you otherwise would have.

That is why we are so dedicated to providing free removal. We can do this easily as we have a fleet of automobile removal trucks. When we buy any automobile, we will come over with one of these trucks, and the cost involved in hauling it off will be on us. Not you, meaning that you end up with much more money at the end of the day!

Hassle free Scrap Car Pickup Facility

On top of providing an automobile pick up service that is completely free, we also take care of the documentation as well. And this is a free service too. Want the registration to be cancelled? We can do it! There are absolutely no extra hidden costs for you to worry about. Book your free car removal in Melbourne today.

Book Our Free Car Removal Service Today!

You can contact us at 0406 355 786 or you can fill out the online form on our website. Don’t put up with that scrap car for a day longer. Just make sure to cancel registration before recycling vehicle with us, unless you want us to take care of the paperwork for you.

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    The crew at Ali Wreckers is great to deal with. Sold my Toyota Hilux and got the best price for that. Highly Recommended.

    Jake Smith

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