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Mitsubishi Truck Wreckers in Melbourne

The prospect of going about the disposal of a junk truck can be a daunting one. But the fact is that you can’t have a junk Mitsubishi truck on your property. It is messy and takes up large amounts of space. You need to find someone who will come to your place and remove it for you. There is good news in this area. Ali Wreckers will come to your house, and not just remove it for you free of charge, but they will pay for it as well.

Also, Ali Wreckers are a local Melbourne car junkyard & a truck removal company in VIC. We are proud of our high level of skill and expertise in the industry. If you have an old, used or unwanted Nissan truck, we will happily take it off your hands.


All Mitsubishi Models of Truck Are Wrecked By Us

Furthermore, have no fear over whether or not we will buy your specific model of Mitsubishi truck. As a leading Truck wreckers in Melbourne, we buy all the possible models, as we love buying Mitsubishi trucks. This will come as good news for folks who own such models as the Mitsubishi Raider, Triton, Mighty Max, Fuso Caner, Fuso Fighter, Fuso Heaver, Fuso FL/FM or the L200 Chassis Cab.

All Conditions Wanted to Buy

You may be thinking “Who would want to buy my truck, it is in terrible condition”. You are mistaken in assuming that we here at Ali Wreckers would turn down buying a truck because of its level of disrepair. The truth is that we buy Mitsubishi’s of all conditions, whether they be old, used, or unwanted.

Melbourne Wide Free Removal

There is no charge for the removal of Mitsubishi trucks. We value our customer’s well-being, and much of that well-being is related to how full your wallet is. Therefore, we take great pains to make sure that you get as much money as you can for your Mitsubishi truck. Charging you for removal would be in direct violation of this desire to please our customers. Our Ali truck removal services are hassle-free & responsive.

Free No Obligations Cash Quote

Call us at 04 5591 4643 if you would like a cash quote. Alternatively, you can fill out a form that we have on the main page of our website. Whether you choose to call or fill out the form, make sure you have all the relevant information pertaining to your Mitsubishi truck, including its age, condition and model. Our friendly team is always there to help.


Helping to Keep the Environment Clean and Green

When we dismantle and recycle Mitsubishi trucks, we make sure that we are doing it in a way that conforms to all the strict regulations that are in place to make sure that no harm is done to our precious environment. This means correct disposal of any and all toxic materials, such as oil and fluids. We all need to know about the importance of responsible auto recycling. The recycling of the steel makes sure that demand for steel freshly extracted from the earth is lessened. And, as we all know, mining uses more resources than recycling, and energy resource usage drives climate change by releasing carbon dioxide, a powerful greenhouse gas, into the air.

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