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(Last Modified on: June 12, 2020)

Are you in urgent need of selling your old or used car as soon as possible? But unfortunately, you have no clue on how to go about selling it.

Well! You don’t need to worry as Ali Wreckers will help you with the best possible car removal services in Melbourne, VIC. Whether your automobile is written off, broken down, running, accident damaged or wrecked, we will happily purchase it. The best part is that we will pay you the best possible cash than any other competitor in the town.

If you are interested to find out how much money we can offer for your wheels, contact us today.  Just dial our number: 0406 355 786 or complete our “get a quote” form on our webpage.

Check out our top quality services all over Melbourne

The experienced and professional Ali Wreckers team offers the following convenient services to unwanted auto owners in Melbourne:

  • We pay up to $5,000 cash for cars for all sorts of makes and models;
  • Free car removals with instant cash quotes;
  • We can happily buy all make or model of any brand;
  • We wreck 4WDs, vans, cars, SUVs, trucks, Utes as well as other commercial automobiles;
  • Eco-friendly and safe auto dismantling and recycling services.

Regardless of what size, make, model or type of automobile you own, we will pay you huge cash for it. In fact, we welcome automobiles with all sorts of damages and pay large cash instantly.

We are superior truck wreckers

Being large in size, trucks are highly valuable even if they are damaged. As they may still have valuable steel parts and materials in it. That’s why, we like to purchase all sizes and shapes of trucks. We assess commercial automobiles based on the salvageable parts and the weight of steel they consist of. Thus, if you have a scrap or wrecked truck, you can expect to get the highest dollar for it. You don’t even need to worry about the extent of disrepair in your wheels.

We wreck 4WD’s and SUV’s as well

If you have a 4×4 that is not working any longer, contact us quickly. We will be glad to buy it, even if its condition is beyond repair. However, if it is in a great working condition, we will offer you up to $5,000 for it.  However, if it is in poor state we will not reject it, but this will definitely influence is price.

We are Melbourne’s leading van wreckers

For the skilled team at Ali Wreckers, wrecking vans is a very simple and fuss-free task. With years of service in this industry, we have gathered special skills to deal safely with all kinds of junk wheels. And, this is what help us to offer the most possible money for all makes and models of vans. Consequently, we are recognized as the leading van wreckers throughout Melbourne. This means your van could be wrecked, totalled, flood damaged, busted or wrecked. But you can still contact us to obtain a free quote.

Same day car removal Melbourne

When you contact cash for car companies, most of them may normally ask you to acquire a towing service for its removal. However, this can make the process burdensome for you, particularly if your auto is not in a good running condition. The matter of fact is that the money spent on hiring a towing company will decrease your overall remuneration earned from the sale process. But fortunately, the efficient Car Wreckers Melbourne staff doesn’t treat their customers in an unsatisfactory way. We make sure to provide free removal services across all regions in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s leading car dismantlers and recyclers

We offer top notch car dismantling and disposal in Melbourne. Often people assume their automobile as completely worthless, if it is written off. However, this is completely wrong. As there may still be some useful components that can be pulled away from the vehicle. Along with this, your old clunker will also have a large quantity of useful steel that can be recycled. And, the best thing is that you will be able to make top cash in no time whatsoever.

Contact us today to fetch most cash from your cars

It’s indeed right that every auto wrecking outfit pays a different sum of money. Some may pay more money while others may pay less that the vehicle’s real worth. You will be glad to know that “Ali Wreckers” team pay top-notch cash for vehicles of all manufacturers. Please contact us today, if you have piqued interest to know your auto’s worth. When you call us or visit us, our polite representatives will provide you a generous remuneration immediately.

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    The crew at Ali Wreckers is great to deal with. Sold my Toyota Hilux and got the best price for that. Highly Recommended.

    Jake Smith

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