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The Significance of the Auto Recycling Business

/ / The Significance of the Auto Recycling Business

(Last Modified on: July 15, 2016)

The march of time affects everything in its path. Even the sun in the sky will one day meet its end. So it should come as no surprise to learn that tens of millions of automobiles reach the end of their person transporting careers every year. And because of this, there is an entire industry revolving around the recycling of these dead automobiles, whose existence is mainly motivated by the profits that are to be had.

Aside from economic concerns, though, the folks involved in this industry are also passionate about making the whole process as environmentally sound as possible when it comes to the safe disposal of vehicles that have reached the end of their lives. And it is lucrative. The car recycling process results in annual sales that reach tens of billions of dollars. Ordinary run of the mill cars, trucks of both light and heavy disposition and even motorcycles are included in the variety of vehicles that contribute to the circle of automobile life. All of which is efficiently kept going by professional men and women who often have many years of experience.


The Recycling system

The main thrust of the entire process is to mine each individual vehicle of all its resources, leaving nothing. The vehicle is disassembled completely with an eye for looking for any auto spare parts that can be re-used and sold. This system is incredibly effective. For over half a century companies like this have been helping with the conservation of environments, as well as providing opportunities for employment.


We need regulations, otherwise some companies may take a more cavalier approach to the process, putting the environment at risk. But we can all put out minds to rest on this issue because there are things like the End of Life Vehicles Directive, thanks to the EU Commission.

The efforts of vehicle recycling companies mean less landfill. Recycling also saves on natural resources. The fact that 95 percent of cars are recycled means that 85 million barrels of oil are saved annually. Less water and air pollution are further advantages.


Technology plays a very important part in the automotive recycling industry. Changes are constantly being made to apply new manufacturing advances. It doesn’t just mean crushing old cars, as has been stated above it means actually recycling them.


The fluids in a vehicle are drained completely do, they don’t leak into the environment. The parts in the car that can be re-used are carefully removed and cleaned so they can be sold. The rest of the vehicle is recycled, such as the plastics, rubber and metal.

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WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | July 15, 2016 | Category: Melbourne Wreckers

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