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Should I Repair Or Scrap My Car?

/ / Should I Repair Or Scrap My Car?

(Last Modified on: November 11, 2019)

sell it or scrap it

Every year an increasing number of people find themselves stuck with a broken vehicle in their yard. Sometimes it happens when the vehicle gets damaged in a bad road accident. While sometimes it can happen due to the constant accumulation of wear and tear on the used car over the years. No matter what has lead your beloved vehicle to a broken state. It will be certainly hard to let go of it. This is where you will find yourself in an age old dilemma whether to fix your car or break up with it.

Well! This post will help you take a judicious decision based on the current situation of your used car.

Know if it’s even worth fixing: Repair costs vs Vehicle’s value

Whether you are selling a very old model with a few scratches on its body or a recent model with major accidental damage. It’s important to know how much you will need to pay for fixing it. That way you can make a comparison between the cost of repair and the actual value of your used vehicle. It will help you to decide whether it is worth repairing the automobile.

In contrary, if the repair expense exceeds the current value of your car, then selling it will be the smartest decision. Just make sure to be precise when calculating the cost of fixing your old car so you can get the correct estimate.

Finally, if your vehicle is no more worth than a piece of junk then it is important to recycle cars.

Find out if it’s better to replace it or repair it

If your old car is in a condition to be repaired, then you must consider to get an estimate. It is helpful to determine if it’s worth keeping or replacing with a great new vehicle. In order to make a smart decision you must better seek help from someone who is well-versed about automobiles. They will be able to provide you a fair estimate of your car repair and maintenance expenses. That’s the only way to figure out if it’s reasonable to spend on your car repair or sell it. Keep in mind that it’s a very crucial decision for your financial situation. So never ignore the long-term financial perspective whether you choose to fix ore replace your used wheels.

Got a Junk Vehicle?

If your wheels are in a too bad state, then it will be a fair decision to get rid of with the help of scrap yards. Junk cars are like a treasure for the wreckers. Instead, you can consider investing on a used or attractive new automobile. Even if you choose a brand new vehicle you will be able to manage the monthly payments rather than paying for higher repair bills of your older auto. It’s because in the years to come your vehicle would have depreciated to a great extent, so you won’t have much to lose.

In this digital age, you can easily find smart online platforms that can help you to know if it’s worth replacing your existing vehicle. It involves comparing the total cost-per-mile of your current automobile (including repairs) and the total-cost-per-mile of the new vehicle that you want to buy. Sometimes the cost of replacement vehicle might outweigh the ownership costs of your existing vehicle. In such surprising situations it is better to seek help from an auto expert. However, it will be based on the type of car you want to drive in place of your broken wheels.

Remember buying new car is a really expensive affair. On the other hand, if it is in a good condition with lower mileage there is no harm in buying it. It can serve you as a reliable mode of transportation without you having to pay for frequent repairs.


WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | November 11, 2019 | Category: FAQ

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