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Why it is important to recycle cars

/ / Why it is important to recycle cars

(Last Modified on: June 12, 2020)

Eventually all cars will get old and die. What happens to them afterwards depends on us. They can either go into a landfill, be abandoned somewhere, or be properly recycled. Of course car recycling service is the best option to choose, but why?

Here are some very compelling reasons for why it is important to recycle cars.


Less Pollution

When the steel in your junk vehicle is recycled, that means that the same amount of steel won’t need to be mined from virgin ores. Mining uses more energy than recycling does, and it also produces far more pollution. Climate change is fuelled by carbon dioxide, and mining produces a lot of that greenhouse gas. This is why recycling steel helps us to fight climate change.

On top of that, when a vehicle is simply dumped in a landfill, or just left to rot somewhere, it leaches toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment. Substances such as brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, and gases, will then go on to harm the local wild life and plant-life.

Recycling Batteries are Important

If car batteries are not recycled, the hazardous materials in them will get out and harm the local environment. Substances such as sulphuric acid, and lead, do not belong in the soil, and if they get there they cause a lot of harm. The good news is that lead is easily recyclable. So there is no reason why any auto battery should ever be disposed of improperly instead of being recycled.

Waste Oil Needs Recycling Too

Another thing that we don’t want to have any interaction with local plant and wildlife is engine oil. The last place that we want this substance to end up is in a land fill or anywhere that will result in groundwater or waterways being polluted. To contaminate one million litres of water, all you need is one litre of oil. However, oil is also easily recycled. All it needs is a good cleaning. After that it is ready to be reused.

Don’t Forget to Recycle Tyres

In Australia alone over seventeen million tyres are dumped annually. They are either taking up space in landfills or getting burned, creating a massive amount of air pollution. It is a true shame, because tyres are so useful when they are recycled. The recycled rubber from tyres is used to make a whole host of things. This includes asphalt pavement, waste water treatment filters, railroad ties, floor surfaces, garden mulch made from ground rubber, and tyre swings.

Who Does the Car Recycling in Melbourne?

When your car finally reaches the junk stage of its life, and you want to recycle it like a good citizen, doing so is easy. And you can even get money as well! Car wrecking companies like that double as cash for cars companies are outfits who buy used, unwanted and junk vehicles from people. If you live in Melbourne, Ali Wreckers will pay you top dollar for your old car, regardless of what make or model it is. To get a free quote, contact us today at 0406 355 786.


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