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How to sell an unregistered car in Melbourne, VIC?

/ / How to sell an unregistered car in Melbourne, VIC?

(Last Modified on: March 28, 2017)

There are many reasons why a person may need to sell a car with no papers or without getting registered. Maybe someone has abandoned the vehicle on their property and they want to get rid of it fast. Or, maybe their vehicle is not in a good working order and it is registered from some other state. Selling your car is easier than you think in Melbourne.


Whatever the reason might be, when it comes to selling an unregistered car in Melbourne, VIC, there are a few handy tips that you must consider to find a buyer for it easily. Here you go –

  1. Get an unregistered vehicle permit

When selling an unregistered automobile, you must get a permit for it. Along with this you must also get the Compulsory Third Party or CTP insurance. CTP will cover the journey of selling your automobile.

  1. Cancellation of Registration

When you decide to sell your unregistered vehicle, you can request for the cancellation of its registration to your local DMV. This will only require you to provide some essential details of the vehicle. These include –

  • Your car’s make and model;
  • Your name and contact details;
  • Your address;
  • Your driver’s license number;
  • Your auto’s vehicle registration number (VIN) or License plate number;
  • If you are cancelling the registration because your auto was able to involve in a collision, then make sure to mention the date of the accident;

If you are selling an unregistered automobile on behalf of someone else and the owner have asked you to cancel the registration, you must get a letter of authority from the owner with his signature on it. You must also get the complete authority to act as an agent.

  1. Provide the receipt of the vehicle’s sale

When selling your automobile even if it is not registered, you must actually provide a receipt. The receipt should contain all important information such as –

  • The date of sale of vehicle;
  • The seller’s name and address ( In case if any problem occurs with the unregistered vehicle, then buyer can easily contact the seller);
  • Then make, model and VIN of the vehicle along with the engine and chassis number;
  1. Make certificate of safety

When you have finally got a buyer for your vehicle that is not registered, make sure to make a safety certificate stating all necessary information for the buyer. It should generally include the following –

  • Both buyers and seller’s signature;
  • The Vehicle’s VIN, engine number as well as the chassis number;
  • The automobile’s details like year of manufacture, make and model;
  • The date when the unregistered vehicle is sold;

Once you have made the safety certificate, be sure to take buyer’s signature on it and also sign it yourself. It will give you the assurance that the buyer will not use the vehicle’s status against you in the future. If both you and the buyer have already been agreed with the detail stated in the certificate and have also signed it, then make sure to get a copy of the certificate and also give one to the buyer.

Of course, selling an unregistered automobile is a stressful process. You can also take help of your local Melbourne Auto Wreckers who will arrange and take care of everything on your behalf.


WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | March 28, 2017 | Category: Sell Your Car | Tags: selling an unregistered car vic

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