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Most popular ways to remove the old car in Melbourne

/ / Most popular ways to remove the old car in Melbourne

(Last Modified on: October 4, 2016)

Are you planning to remove your old or scrap car in Melbourne? There can be plenty of reasons for why you want to sell your old vehicle. Maybe your old clunker is at the end of its life and you want to replace it with a new one. What’s more, you no longer feel it practical to get it repaired, as you can end up with a huge repair bill exceeding its actual worth. And, so you find it best to get it removed for a new automobile. How about using the free towing of junk cars services?

To make scrap vehicle pickup procedure easy for you, we have listed below some of the most popular alternates you can stick to in order to get rid of your old vehicle.


1) Sell your vehicle privately

If you are planning to sell your old wheels in order to vacant the carport to accommodate new wheels, this is possibly the best option for you. Selling a vehicle privately can be time-consuming, but it will probably get you the best price as compared to trading it in at a dealership. With the help of reputable auto selling websites, you can sell it directly to the buyer. However, many of them usually charge listing fees.

Also make sure to find it’s real worth before listing it for sale. You can start get the estimated value of your wheels by giving your vehicle’s relevant details on reputable websites like Redbook. Or, you can also check the asking prices of comparable automobiles on various known auto dealerships in your area.  Make sure to set a negotiable asking price, never charge a price too high as it will turn off your purchasers. How about find out how much your car worth online? Compare quotes online for free of cost and make your decision yourself.

2) Trade your vehicle

If you want to sell your automobile quickly without making efforts as required in the above option, this is the most suitable option for you. You can easily get rid of your old wheels by trading it in at the dealership from which you are buying your new wheels. This will also help you to get some deduction in the price of new vehicle. Also, in some states the trade-in-value of the car can be set off against the sales tax applicable on new vehicle.  

However, this option too has its own disadvantages. As already discussed this option is not much profitable than the above option. This is particular in case if you are selling a much older automobile i.e. more than 10 years old. This is because such automobiles are usually sent to Car Auction sites.

3) Sell it through a popular used car dealership

You can also approach to nation-wide used auto dealerships to sell your wheels. These second hand auto dealers offer precise auto estimation within an hour, making it easy and quick for you to sell your old wheels quickly. They also offer fair and guaranteed value for used automobiles.

4) Sell it to salvage yards/ Cash for old Cars Companies

If your automobile is not in a good condition i.e. beyond repair due to which you have not got a valid smog inspection certificate, then you can sell it for scrap value to old auto removal companies. So, start by searching for reliable Melbourne Wreckers in your area.

But make sure to inquire the auto removal company if they will take your vehicle as is. Most of them will buy and tow your vehicle away for scrap metal value.

Check out why should you scrap your car for cash?

5) Donate your old vehicle

If your automobile is not eligible for any of the above option. You can consider donating it for some good cause. You can start by searching online for genuine and well-known organisations in Melbourne. In most cases they will remove your vehicle for free. However, it will require completion of lot of paperwork on your part. Also, this won’t help you get good money for your old Junker but can help you in its removal.


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