How to Sell a Car to a Scrapyard - Cash for Cars Tips

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How to Sell a Car to a Scrapyard: Tips for Getting the Top Cash for Cars

/ / How to Sell a Car to a Scrapyard: Tips for Getting the Top Cash for Cars

(Last Modified on: June 14, 2016)

After being in an accident that completely writes off the automobile you own, it’s tempting to believe that the vehicle has lost all its monetary value. The great news is that the vehicle is still a treasure trove of parts, and failing that it can be sold as scrap metal.

In fact, this is what “Cash for Cars” scrap yards love to do, which is purchase automobiles that have been wiped out in crashes. They will shell out hundreds for one. Here’s what to do if your automobile is totaled and you think you might like to sell it.


Get the title ready

Do junkyards buy automobiles, without titles? Sometimes, but just to be sure you may need to have solid scientific evidence that the vehicle really does belong to you. This is where an owner’s title will come in handy, or if you can’t find it, a receipt of purchase. Have something like that ready. Show it to the team member who you are selling the vehicle to. They will go from thinking you are a no good thief into thinking you are a fine upstanding citizen. Don’t worry, this is the desired outcome, with the added bonus of not having the police called on you.

Get offers of remuneration for wrecked vehicle

You have successfully completed the first step, proving that you don’t belong in jail, now it’s time to see how much different scrap yards will be willing to bestow upon your wallet in exchange for the wreck. You may be thinking “How much would a junkyard pay for my wheels?” There is a range of considerations that will go into the decision making process going on in the brain of a person employed by a scrap yard. This is why you might like to try a few different places, and take the highest offer. Not the lowest one. I can’t stress that enough.

Have the car removed from your property

This is the process that involves a vehicle that has been specially designed and purposed for transporting crashed auto wrecks from A to B. They are driven by companies that deal with unwanted car removal. This vehicle will turn up at your house, load your totaled car, and drive to the scrap yard or ask for the scrap car removals. Of course, this costs money, but more and more scrap yards have begun offering old car removals service for free.


Get the cash for junk cars

The next step is the best step. It is the one where the scrapyard gives you cash for your wrecked automobile. You are then free to go ahead and put that money in your bank, or to spend it on much needed groceries, or to bury in the back yard. How about getting cash for accidental cars and get the free towing?


Don’t despair over the fact that you can never drive that vehicle again. Not only are there plenty more fish in the sea, but you can even get some cash for the car. And there may be nothing more pleasurable that getting money. So take comfort in the fact that you can always go out and buy a new car. Cars will never disappear from the planet, and because of this you will always have the freedom to drive cars on any road you wish.


WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | June 14, 2016 | Category: Auto Wreckers

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