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How to make money scrapping cars?

/ / How to make money scrapping cars?

(Last Modified on: January 17, 2017)

All of us gets attached to our vehicles and take good care of it. But, when your beloved vehicle gets damaged in an accident and is no longer roadworthy. It may be hard to believe that it’s of no use anymore. You may even think of repairing it, but if the car is older, the process would be exclusive and may even exceed its actual cost.

At that point, you may think of replacing it, but there are not many people who would love to invest in your old or scrap car.

However, the most effective and efficient solution will be selling it to the Ali Melbourne Auto Wreckers. It is perhaps the most remunerative option to make good money out of your junk automobile. However, the money won’t be as much as you could actually get by scraping it on your own. But if you don’t have good technical know-how then the process can be complicated and time consuming for you and you may end up damaging some of its parts.


Step – 1. Sell The Source Of Power

Before you begin breaking your vehicle for parts, you will need to remove its power source i.e battery. It will be not only easier to sell, but also easier to locate and remove.  Thus, not even a functional or dead battery can be sold and auto dealers will be more than glad to buy it off you and recycle it to reuse again. Also, if your auto battery is functioning well. Then you can also sell it to individual buyers via online platforms or to the scrapyards in Melbourne. Find out the primary benefits of using car wreckers, removal & recycling services.

Additionally, fuel is also a good source of power and it can be potentially harmful if left in the car. Thus, while scrapping your car for parts always ensure to drain all the fuel from the tank and store it in a container. After all, fuel is not less expensive can be sold for good money or you may make use of it in your other vehicle.

Step – 2. Understand The Cause Of Death

No matter, how your vehicle turned into a useless piece of junk, you must understand the cause of its death. If the vehicle is damaged due to a specific component, then you won’t be able to sell that particular broken or worn-out part. However, if the automobile has been already declared unrepairable or completely dead. You might find out its working parts and sell them. This is what exactly all junk yards do.

Step – 3. Remove And Sell Its Basic Components

After draining the fuels and removing the battery, you can break and sell it for components. For instance, if its tyres are not overly worn-out you can easily sell them for a good amount of money. Especially, if your tyre size or type is hard to acquire, then you can comfortably make good cash by selling it on online sites like eBay. However, take your time to click clear photos that can appeal to your potential buyers.  

You can even find some of the craft shops that will be more than happy to buy it from you. As they are always looking such items to recycle and reuse them to produce useful products.

In addition to this, you can the following auto items can be also sold for decent cash – sound system, steering wheels, gearstick, seat covers, seats, windscreen wipers etc.


Step – 4. Crush The Vehicle Down

After removing and selling all its components, strip down the vehicle completely. Also, remember to save the parts that are in a good condition like doors and boot. If you automobile was kept in a good condition, then these parts can be sold for a good price.

Also, remove the copper wiring that connects all the components in your automobile. The copper wiring has great demand in several industries and can be sold easily and quickly. As for the metal auto body, junk yard is the ultimate place to sell it for the best cash for cars in Melbourne. However, you can also consider selling it on your own by using online marketplaces.  But make sure to consult your trusty mechanic while advertising the auto items online, so as to avoid troubles associated with false advertising claims.

The engine of the automobile can be also extracted and fairly easy to sell. But it can be expensive to transport. Thus, check out the local auto magazines and classifieds to find a buyer who may need your specific type of engine and can come to collect it from you.


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