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How to get a Free Car Removal in Melbourne, VIC?

/ / How to get a Free Car Removal in Melbourne, VIC?

(Last Modified on: March 2, 2016)

If your car is at the end of its life, it doesn’t go, you can’t sell it and it is now in the back yard, taking up space and accumulating rust, you are probably quite keen on getting rid of it, any way possible.

If you are putting off this task because you don’t have time or money, you might be surprised that Ali Car Wreckers offer a service where they will come to your property (or where ever your car may be) and take your vehicle, free of charge Not only that but they will replace the car with cash! It’s like old car removals for cash deal for you.

Get the top cash for cars anywhere in Melbourne eastern, northern, or western suburbs and Free Car Removal in Melbourne.


Free Auto Removal process behind this deal can be explained in five steps:

  1. First of all you must pick up the phone and dial our number 0406 355 786, and talk to one of our friendly and experienced team.
  2. Explain to them all the details that describe your vehicle. This includes make, model, mileage, year, condition, etc. You can get more cash for top brands like Toyota, Holden, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, Honda and Suzuki. Explore more particulars about cash for Toyota
  3. Given all these important facts, the experienced team member will then provide you with an instant quote.
  4. Next comes the vehicle assessment. One of our team will make their way easily to your location with the express purpose of assessing your vehicle. This will take 25 minutes or so, and the aspects of the vehicle that will be assessed is as follows:

The condition of the vehicle. The history of the vehicle. Make sure to have purchase receipts and maintenance receipts on hand. Make, model, and age is also taken into heavy consideration. Just making the scrap or junk car selling process easier.

  1. They pick the car up, free of all charges, and give cash for said vehicle on the spot.


The relief people feel when this easy and simple operation to extract junk from is over, and they didn’t have to pay a dime, is only eclipsed by the joy at receiving the money, which is like a well-earned cherry on the top. So if you find yourself in the predicament that was described in the first paragraph, don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and take the journey to freedom (from that junk car in the back yard)!

If you are living anywhere in QLD and wondering how to sell my car in Brisbane then get in touch with our Brisbane auto removal team.


WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | March 2, 2016 | Category: Auto Wreckers

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