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The importance of responsible auto recycling

/ / The importance of responsible auto recycling

(Last Modified on: September 21, 2016)

Responsible auto recycling is crucial for our environment and its surroundings. According to a survey of about 14 million vehicles turn into scrap or salvage each year. These vehicles need to be disposed of in order to eliminate pollution from the earth and this is where auto recyclers play a crucial role.

Although it helps in recycling our environment. But if not done responsibly it can cause serious harm to our water bodies and surrounding ecosystems.

The Importance of Automotive Recycling Industry

Automotive recycling industry plays a vital role in keeping our environment clean. It includes passionate Auto wreckers that dismantle the inoperable automobiles and dispose it safely after extracting its usable components. This way it also helps in conserving energy resources like fossil fuels and other natural resources.

Nearly every vehicle manufacture these days are made up of a steel frame and about 12 million of steel is scrapped from these vehicles to recycle, reuse and resell. This helps in saving precious iron ores and other natural resources which are involved in the manufacture of steel metal.

Not only this, according to a survey auto recycling help in saving of about 85 million barrels of oil every year. It keeps a check on water, air and soil pollutions as well as limits down the solid waste.


Eliminate Hazardous substances and gases

Automotives releases or contains many toxic substances which should be disposed of responsibly in order to avoid harmful effects to the Environment. For instance, fuel and engine or transmission fluids seep into soil on leakage and then into water bodies thereby destroying the aquatic life also.

The acids found in auto batteries are also very harmful if leaked into the soil. It can seriously affect the soil pH level, which can be dangerous for plant and human life.

Auto recycling saves planet earth and its surroundings from the dangerous effects of these harmful substances. It also saves planet earth from Greenhouse gases which are released while refining the steel metal.

Accountable procedure to save the environment

If you too have any unwanted or junk automobile then you should also take responsibility to protect your environment like an aware buyer. You can sell your vehicle to auto recyclers in return for good cash.

After the car is handed-over to the auto recyclers, it becomes their responsibility to recycle it correctly. They should first check for any leakage from the vehicle.

After this they should drain out all the fluids from motor engine, coolant system, gasoline tank and brakes in proper containers in spill containment area.

Now the automobile should be crushed by with the help of auto crushing machines. The auto crusher should be protected from rainfall and kept in a non-absorbent surface in order to avoid environmental pollution. There should also be a fluid reservoir in order to avoid drainage.

After the vehicle is crushed, all the toxic fluids should be disposed of carefully. To avoid the risk of fire safety equipment’s should be on hand. All the machines should be maintained on a regular basis in order to avoid the risk of leakage, also wastes and chemicals should be properly labeled.

Finally, responsible auto recycling is not a DIY process and it should only be done under the expert’s supervision.

There are many benefits when it comes to auto recycling. Not only it will get you good cash. But will also conserve the environment today and for many years to come.


WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | September 21, 2016 | Category: car recycling

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