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The ultimate list of Auto Parts that can be recycled

/ / The ultimate list of Auto Parts that can be recycled

Keeping your average vehicle up to roadworthy scratch is a goal that can’t be achieved without maintenance.

When an auto part falls victim to time and physics, it has to be replaced, period. No excuses. Because of this, cars chew through a fair amount of parts on an annual basis. This may include tyres, batteries and so on. But don’t shed any tears over the constant loss of these parts, as they are made with replacement in mind. There are so many methods where you can buy the used car parts online. Thus, it depends on the availability.


Because of this, it is the duty of all automobile owners to replace them.

Here are five parts that are commonly up for replacement on a regular basis.


The title for the most recycle friendly element on or in an automobile goes to oil. Three months is the average length of time you can expect to get out of your typical motor oil. If, instead, your thing is synthetic oil, you may get more action, but it will sting your bank account a wee bit more. All said, this means your beloved vehicle sees large quantities of oil come and go through the course of a year. Used motor oil can be collected disposal for free. Most of companies do the waste oil collection in Melbourne during the auto dismantling process

When it’s time to have it changed at a shop, you need not worry about whether it will be recycled or not, as it probably will be. If you instead decide to replace the oil yourself, transport it to a recycling centre.

Oil Filters

These have to be recycled. Simply offloading them at the landfill is a great way to pollute the environment, due to the toxins in the residual oil that they hold. When recycled, the metal is recovered, as well as the oil. They can be taken to metal recyclers that are close to you. The internet search engine called Google is a great place to find these places. Waste oil recycling is the part of dismantling.


Here is another auto part with pollutants that don’t belong in the environment. This time it’s lead that is the main culprit. Batteries are incredibly easy to recycle, so there is no excuse for simply disposing of a battery in a large rubbish bin. Your average scrap yard company would love to take your old battery off your hands. Second hand car batteries can be bought in Melbourne, VIC.


Another item in this list that is extremely recyclable, while also completely non-biodegradable. Tyres are full of perfectly good rubber that can be turned into other things that are also made of rubber. For example, ground up rubber gets used to make artificial turf. Cheap and used tyres can be resold for the decent cash.


Scrap metal

Cars contain a lot of metal. And metal can be easily reconstituted to make other things. This is the job of scrap metal yards. You can sell your car to a scrap yard who will extract the metal from all the other elements of the car. This helps both the environment and your wallet. And in a lot of cases, these companies, otherwise known as “cash for cars” companies, will remove the car free of charge, taking all the stress and hassle of finding and paying a tow truck company to do the job. Scrap metal can be recycled in Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs.



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