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How to hire a good truck wrecking company in Melbourne?

/ / How to hire a good truck wrecking company in Melbourne?

(Last Modified on: January 4, 2018)

So, you are ready to sell your reliable 4×4 truck that has served you with comfortable drives in the past couple of years. Of course, you will want to sell it quickly for as much cash as you can possibly get for it. This is where you can take help of auto wreckers who are also popular as auto recyclers to scrap your old or unwanted commercial truck. It is indeed a great way to clear away the scrap vehicle from your garage as well as earn a sweet extra money.

These days’ vehicles including cars, vans, Utes, SUVs and trucks are the most commonly recycled to produce useful steel. In fact, automotive recycling industry contributes millions of tons of scrap steel for the manufacturing of many new products. They do this while helping to minimize the consumption of energy and resources, as well as controlling the emissions of pollutants that are released during the production of fresh resources.

Whether you choose to scrap or recycle your old vehicle, it is imperative to do some research beforehand in order to avoid any problems so the whole process goes very smoothly. Here are some effective tips that you should remember when planning to scrap your truck.

Take your time to consider your options

When you are ready to get rid of your truck make sure to take your time to consider all of your available options. For example, if your vehicle is run-down but still runs perfectly, then selling it is probably going to get you more cash rather than scrapping it. You can take online help and consider listing your automobile for sale online to see how much money you can get for it.

If your commercial automobile is not safe to be driven on the road and you have enough knowledge and tools you can consider to scrap it on your own and sell the parts individually. This can help you to make more money out of it.

Do comparison shopping

When you have finally decided to scrap your unwanted automobile. You will want to know how to go about the process. Make sure to call around your local salvage yards to learn what they are ready to offer for your vehicle. They will usually offer $100-$10,000 depending on the condition, age and odometer reading of your auto. However, if they offer a flat price make sure to keep shopping as you may get a better deal. Make sure you chose a salvage yard with a good reputation and genuine history of business practices.

Therefore, it is very important to get a good idea about the value of your vehicle, before you start comparing your options. Make sure to identify the parts that can be sold for most value as second hand. So you will easily know if the junk yard tries to give you an unfair value. Also, ensure to conduct a quick online search and check the options offering better business.

Review all the imperative regulations

Different states have different regulations formulated by the state’s DMV for scrapping of vehicles. That’s why, it is a smart idea to know all the laws governing your local junk yard. This will assure that proper procedures are followed to deal with the automobile’s titles, license plates and registrations. Also, it will help in properly recording the transaction while avoiding any unwanted regulatory problems.

Furthermore, every state’s DMV requires specific paperwork in order to scrap a vehicle. It can be either provided by the DMV or given at the back of the title. Filling out this paperwork beforehand will help to streamline the entire process.

Know the scrap yard’s needs

Just like each state’s DMV, junk yards also have different rules for scrapping automobiles. So, make sure to know beforehand if they require you to remove any particular parts, fluids, glass, interior accessories or tyres. These people usually offer more price, if you take off specific components on your own.

Also, note that catalytic converters are often targeted by the thieves and so they are treated differently from other components. But if you take it off and sell it individually, junk yards may offer you good value for it. Remember that the junk yard may not offer you good money for certain parts that they don’t want. For example, it could worth a lot of money if you sell the curved auto glass on your own. Also, know what documentation they need and be sure it complies with the laws of your state’s DMV.


Are you planning to scrap your unwanted truck, hire truck wreckers in Melbourne and get the most of it.


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