Toyota Hilux Wrecking & Dismantling in Melbourne

Have you had enough of your old Toyota Hilux, and are making plans to get rid of it? If you are going to sell it, maybe you are a bit concerned at the amount of time it will take. Especially if it has entered the junk stage of its life-cycle. Who will want to buy it off you then? Not someone who wants a car that runs, that’s for sure.

We pay top cash for old Toyota Hilux 4×4

Fortunately, if you live in Melbourne, you are in a whole lot of luck. Because Melbourne is the home of Ali Wreckers, your number one cash for cars company. We are more than happy to purchase that the Toyota Hilux from you. And we will pay good cash, too.

We pay up to $9999 cash for Toyota, depending on the condition that the vehicle in question is in. But regardless of the condition we will always strive to pay the most that any Toyota Hilux can possibly be valued at.

Get your Toyota removed free of charge

When we pay you for your Toyota, the vehicle is ours. We won’t then turn around and ask you to transport it to our wrecking yard. That isn’t how we run things. It would cost you money to hire a towing company to remove the vehicle. We want our customers to walk away from the transaction with all the cash, so we take it upon ourselves to remove the Toyota from your property. This service is life-saver for folk whose vehicle is broken down.

The free Toyota removal service is available in all of Melbourne, VIC, including such locations as Geelong, Melton, Noble Park, Dandenong, Werribee, Springvale, Frankston and Clayton.

Any condition is worthy

While it is true that when selling via other avenues, the vehicle’s condition will dictate how easy it is to sell, the same is not true when selling to us. We will not reject any vehicles because they are in bad condition. The reason why we are so accepting and welcoming of vehicles with high levels of disrepair has to do with the fact that we plan on dismantling it, not driving it. The purpose behind dismantling trucks, cars, Utes, 4×4’s, vans and SUV’s is so we can salvage parts and materials. Then we sell these parts.

We provide free quotes

Are you at a loss of how to get the ball rolling? Well, first of all you will want to contact us either by phone or online. We have a quote request form on our website that you are invited to fill out at your leisure, or you can dial 0411 70 4458. Tell us the condition and age of your Toyota Hilux and we will get back to you with a fair and accurate price quote as soon as possible.

Hilux Parts for Sale

We have a huge selection of used parts, from all kinds of makes and models. They have all been refurbished and are affordable. If you need one, call us or inquire online.

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