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Top 10 reasons to sell your car to Ali Wreckers

/ / Top 10 reasons to sell your car to Ali Wreckers

(Last Modified on: June 25, 2017)

Often people feel the need to have their old or unwanted vehicles removed. There may be a number of reasons why you want to get rid of the old, used or scrap vehicle on your property. But whatever the case might be, the Ali Wreckers team is here to help you make some room on your property and pay you good money for your junk vehicle. This way, we will relieve you from the stress of having an unwanted vehicle on your property and again pay you good quantity of money which can still go up $5,999, based on the condition it is in.

Why Ali Wreckers?

So, if you don’t want to waste your time or efforts to deal with buyers at Craigslist. If you just want to get rid of that eyesore easily, it is time to employ our services and sell your old vehicle for best cash. To have your vehicle removed as soon as possible, call us today at – 0406 355 786. Well, here have a look at the 10 most enticing reasons you should sell your car to Ali Wreckers:

  1. While you may consider your vehicle as a total scarp. But you can still expect to make a decent amount of money from it by selling it to us. The quantity of money we pay can go all the way up to $5,999, based on the level of disrepair in the vehicle in question. This is indeed a great way to get rid of your scrap car. I will still make some cash for the family.
  2. We offer quick and convenient auto removal services that will assist you to get rid of your Junker in no time. Usually, even less than two hours when you give us a phone.
  3. Once you give us a call to employ our services. You will not need to worry about the rest of the fuss. This is so because you won’t need to drive your car to our location nor you will need to pay any towing fee.
  4. We understand that it will be very stressful and time-wasting for you to tow your vehicle to our premises. This is why, we use our safe, smooth and quick car removal services all throughout the Melbourne. We have all the important equipment and resources like a large fleet of tow trucks, towing bars, etc.
  5. Our experienced crew will even organize all the paper works concerning the sale of your scrap vehicle. And again, we will help you to sell your unwanted automobile fast and for the highest cash.
  6. If your vehicle is old but still working properly except some major repairs. You can pick up the best use parts for it from our massive inventory. After taking unwanted automobiles. We make sure to utilize them completely by extracting all the usable parts and steel components from it. As a result, we have built up a huge inventory of reliable and high on performance second hand parts. We sell them at affordable rates and with warranty.
  7. We are highly professional and have great experience in the auto wrecking business. So, you can always rely on us to get friendly and prompt service whenever you want.
  8. In case, if you want to sell your vehicle after removing its useful parts on your own and then sell it to us. There is no problem at all because we will still be happy to help you assess the leftover and invite you to get fair cash for it.
  9. When you finish with removing all the usable parts, you can sell the left over scrap. We will pay you good cash based on its worth.
  10. If you are one of the environment lover and you are afraid that your junk vehicle might end up polluting the Environment. Then, this is another good reason to sell your old clunker to us here at Ali Wreckers Melbourne. By selling it to us, you can ensure that your broken down is not going to pollute the environment or cause any harm to its surroundings. As we have experts who utilize each and every part that is in a useful –condition. We also salvage any useful scrap metal that can be melted down and reused for various purposes. Whereas anything that is left over will be disposed of safely.

With all these great services in mind. There is no need to look for any other way to sell your old car for cash. It does not matter where you live in Melbourne, VIC. Contact us and we will take away your old clunker for free.


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