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How can I sell my old car without hassle?

/ / How can I sell my old car without hassle?

(Last Modified on: July 18, 2018)

These days selling an old or used car is not as difficult as it was before. It is possibly due to the various options available on the internet. In other words, selling a car has become more of a science than an art that involves less human interaction.

If you have been holding onto a vehicle for a long time, you will certainly want to upgrade with new. However, you may be procrastinating to avoid the tiresome sale process. But now, you can explore many simple and hassle-free way to sell used car. This includes online classifieds and websites, where you can post an ad for your automobile’s sale.

There are many recognized websites, where you can list your vehicle for sale. You will have to pay a certain fee though. Alternatively, you can also use the listings on eBay, where you can put an ad for free. However, there are also other options, if you want to spend less money on advertising.

Here we have discussed some easy options through which you can sell your car for free:

Sell my car privately

Mostly, it is smart to invest some dollars and increase the overall value of your vehicle. For instance, you can take it for a professional inspection, cleaning and detailing will increase it’s overall worth. But if you decide to sell your vehicle personally, it will save you significant upfront costs. You can list it for sale on Gumtree, which is a free online classified. Or else, you can put a “for sale” sign on its window to advertise it for free. This option will however take a lot of time to grab buyer’s attention. As you will have to fix a meeting with your potential customers. In addition, you will have to compete with other people selling similar makes and models in nicer condition.

Many private buyers don’t prefer to invest in automobiles that have covered higher miles and show mechanical problems. They are more likely to purchase automobiles that have less mechanical issues and travelled less kilometres.

Trade it in a dealership

Trading in your vehicle at a dealership is another great way to sell it conveniently. If your vehicle has major mechanical issues, then you may not be able to sell it through private sales. So, you can better trade it in at a dealership and buy a new vehicle. In contrast to selling a car personally, trading it in involves less hassles. Though you may not get a higher value for your automobile. It’s because auto dealerships keep their profits and have to cover the overhead on re-selling the automobile. So, they usually buy old vehicles for a lower price than their actual value in the market.

Sell it online for free

Today we can see many people prefer to sell their cars for free using online options. After it is much easier to sell a used vehicle to a wholesale company online instead of choosing private sales. This is the best option if you don’t want to purchase a new automobile after selling the old one. It will get you a better monetary value (usually $1000 to $2000) than trading in your car at a dealership. Furthermore, it will help you to avoid spending hundreds of dollars in repairing and detailing your automobile. Similarly, there is no need to design attractive advertisements and respond to numerous questions of potential customers.

Finally, if you find your old vehicle identical to scrap then you better sell it to Aliwreckers and we can pay you the best price for that. We also would love to mention Auto Wreckers Perth team, operating in Western Australia who offer to buy junk vehicles for the best price.


WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | July 18, 2018 | Category: Sell My Car

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