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Should I Sell My Car in Parts in Melbourne?

/ / Should I Sell My Car in Parts in Melbourne?

(Last Modified on: June 27, 2019)

It is time to oust your current automobile from your life. Maybe it is old and a serious victim of rust. Perhaps its head gasket has blown, and the engine has had a meltdown. Or has it been in a flood and is now water damaged? Whatever the reason happens to be, you will want it out of your garage, replaced with an upgrade. But what method are you going to use in order to achieve this?


There is a triad of possibilities that you have to choose from when faced with this conundrum. They are all very different. Let’s see what they are in no particular order.

What are the Options for Getting Rid of your Old Car in Melbourne?

Trade Your Car in

One option you have is to trade the car in to a car dealership in return for a new car whose value has the value of car you are trading in deducted from the price.

Sell Your Car to Wreckers in Melbourne

The other option is to sell your car. If your car is in terrible condition, this can still be done by selling to an auto wrecking company such as Ali Wreckers.

Sell Your Car in Parts Online

The third option we are going to be looking into is to take your automobile to pieces. Once you have done that you can then sell all the parts and components piece by piece.

There are pro’s and con’s for each of these approaches. Which one you decide to choose depends on what best suits you and your situation. Let us now look at each of these options individually.

Parting Out your Car

This is where you completely dismantle your vehicle. You can then sell each part on its own to people. You will most likely be doing the selling online. Let’s just jump right into the pros and cons of this option, shall we?

The Pros: If your car is not fit for selling whole privately and you want the most possible cash, this is the best option. This method will net you the highest amount of dollars. You are not just doing yourself a favour, but you are also doing the environment a solid as well. This is basically recycling, and the need for these materials such as steel and so forth to be mined is reduced. You will get the full price for each part you sell, with no middle man taking a cut.

Cons: The people who can part their car out and sell the parts individually make up a small and exclusive club. One that you are more than likely not a part of. Membership to this club requires a few different things. One is the sheer skill and expertise that is needed in order to carry out a full car dismantling. You also need to know about each individual part so you can price them and so forth.

Do you have the space in your garage to carry this out? You need to store the parts, the car you are working on, and the equipment. You also need loads of time, and the aforementioned equipment. If you are without any of these things, you simply won’t be able to do it.

Selling your Car to Melbourne Scrap Yards

Furthermore, this option has a two different ways that it can be done. Perhaps the car is in good condition, which makes it easy to sell privately. If the car is in junk condition it will need to be sold to an auto wrecking company whose job it is to part out the car and sell each component second hand. Let us look at the pros and cons for selling a car in general.

Pros of Selling your Car: It doesn’t require any expertise or serious skill to be done. You also don’t have to spend so much time in this endeavour. Even if it takes a while to sell, that time can still be spent doing other things while waiting for a phone call. Another pro to look forward to is the fact that your car will be completely gone from your property. You won’t have part of a car taking up precious space in your garage of driveway. It will be completely vacated from your life.

Cons of Selling your Car: If your car is in terrible condition you won’t be able to sell it privately without a huge struggle. Anyone who shows interest in your car will know that they have the power as they will be one of the only people to show interest. This gives them leverage to negotiate the price down. Whatever the condition your car is in, you will need to prepare it for sale, take photos, place an advert, talk to prospective buyers, accompany them on test drives, and more. There is always the risk of being ripped off as well.

Trading in Your Car for New One

You can always trade your car in. This involves going to a dealership and trading your car for a new one. You will still have to pay for the new car, but the price will be reduced by how much your current one is worth. Here are the pros and cons associated with this method!

Pros: You are dealing with pros who know what they are doing. You can trust that they will not actively try to rip you off. They will offer you a deal based on how much your car is worth based on a standardized formula for determining these things. It is also super-fast and will be over within the same day.

Cons: Dealers want to make money out of the deal. They will want to sell the car you are trading in for more than the value they paid for it with. You can expect them to therefore do some expert haggling, and your personal skills in this area are not going to be as advanced as theirs.

Selling to Melbourne Auto Wreckers

If your car is in scrap condition, your best bet is to sell to a company such as Ali Wreckers- The best way to scrap your car fast in Melbourne, who specialise in buying scrap vehicles!


WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | June 27, 2019 | Category: FAQ

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