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Pros and cons of selling old cars to scrap yards

/ / Pros and cons of selling old cars to scrap yards

(Last Modified on: May 16, 2016)

All cars eventually turn into junk vehicles. It is a natural part of a car’s life. Getting all sad and upset about it doesn’t change anything. But once it does happen, the usual thing to do is leave the car in the back yard so that it looks terrible and lowers the value of your property. But a little known fact is that this is a terrible idea. There is a far better solution. It is selling the automobile to a scrap yard. Cash is paid for old cars in the scrap yard. Do you know where to scrap a car for cash in Melbourne?

This article will outline the pros and cons of doing this.


The pros for doing this are many and varied. One of them is this: You can actually get an ok amount of remuneration. It depends on how old it is, or how rare it is that determines how much cash for junk cars. This is true whether it is running or whether it isn’t running.

The parts in your vehicle that can be refurbished and re-used will have just that done to them, which is great if you are a fan of recycling. And if you’re not a fan of recycling, why not? It’s great.

Selling your scrap car for cash in Melbourne (or anywhere, for that matter) can lead to a relationship between you and the scrap yard that can be beneficial for both parties.

You can sleep at night without tossing and turning thinking about the environment and your role in its destruction. Because you will have played your part nicely by recycling your vehicle. No toxic battery acid leaking from the car and into the soil after you’ve taken care of business!


Some scrap yards charge you for the pick-up of the vehicle. Some do it for free though. Be on the lookout for a decent scrap yard company that will do it free of charge.

Some yards have people working there who aren’t very helpful, and if you are after parts that are for a specific make or model then that is made more difficult by the fact that no-one wants to help you.

The environmentally safe and sound manner of recycling might not be the order of the day for some scrap yards. The way metal is melted down needs to be done properly.

The decision on what to do in the old junk car littering up your property is entirely your own. But do have a good think about it. Think about the environment and how your children will inherit this earth, and how they will want it to be clean and green. Because a dirty and green planet is a terrible idea. Think also about cash paid for scrap cars. You like money just as much as the next person. So why not give it a go?


WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | May 16, 2016 | Category: Auto Wreckers

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