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Possible options to sell your salvage car in Melbourne

/ / Possible options to sell your salvage car in Melbourne

(Last Modified on: June 7, 2017)

If your vehicle has been declared to be a salvage car, the reason why is simple. IT is deemed to be more expensive to fix than it is worth monetarily. When you have a salvage car, you don’t get it repaired because you could just use that money to buy a new auto instead.

Don’t worry, though. For those that get caught in a dilemma, don’t break down in despair just yet. There are ways that you can use to get rid of that scrap automobile. Here they are in all their beauty:

Insurance company

In the event of having your vehicle labelled a salvage vehicle, the first port of call when considering options is the insurance company. Most insurance companies will extend the possibility of a cash settlement. This is a very attractive option for them, because they stand to make some money when they sell the car later on.

Cash for car company

Possibly the most convenient and stress free method of getting rid of a salvage vehicle is the cash for a car company. This is the type of company that buys people’s junk vehicles off them at fair and generous rates. They won’t turn down your vehicle based on its condition, make or model, so it is a shoe in. They will even tow or haul the vehicle away on their own dime. You can also rest easy knowing that the car is going to be fully recycled, which is good for the environment. Not least because the steel that gets recycled will be steel that doesn’t need to be mined. And as we all know mining for raw materials to make steel with uses a lot of energy resources.

Part your car out – Car dismantling

This is the DIY solution. It isn’t for everyone though. You need to have skills and expertise in the field of dismantling vehicles. You will also need the tools that are required to do this with. They can be hired, but either way, if you don’t already have them it will cost money to get them. Next, you will need plenty of spare time as this is time intensive. It is hard work, and you have to have space to complete the task as well as store the parts. If all of this seems like too much, don’t worry, as most people think so too. This is why we have cash for cars companies. They are basically doing all this work for you.

Sell “as is” online

This will not require much effort. Just be honest when you place the advertisement online.  You won’t get as much money as you would have if you had chosen the previous options. But it can be quite good if you just don’t want to expend much effort, but you don’t like cash for clunkers companies. But if that is the case, why don’t you like them? You can sell your car within 24 hours, whereas if you sell privately it will take a long time. Choose wisely.


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