The phenomenal facts about end of life vehicles

Are you having a scrap vehicle that is a terrible sight to look at? Sometimes you might be thinking that it is completely useless and you won’t be ever able to sell it. According to an estimate approximately 12 million vehicles that gets recycle every year. Most of them are still easy to use in many better ways. But unfortunately, most of the junk machine owners don’t realise this fact. Check out the primary benefits of using Car Wreckers, Removal & Recycling Services.


Have a look at four phenomenal facts about End of life vehicles that can be easily recycled and used for better purposes.

Recycling the usable parts

Most of the scrap auto owners are still unaware that about 75% of their automobiles can be recycled. In fact, 49% of the steel used for several purposes comes from just recycling the scrap metal extracted from salvage automobiles. This means every time you sell a vehicle to the auto recycling yard. You are given a new life to it. As after recycling it can be used for various useful purposes like in construction of Bridges, roads, etc.

They will just come to your given location to pick up your not-roadworthy vehicle. They will carefully scrutinize the recyclable parts and scrap the rusted vehicle in an ecologically safe manner.


Reduce Pollution

Auto recycling plays an eminent role in cutting-down environment pollution. So, whenever you sell your junk automobile, you can be proud that you are helping the environment. Because according to experts we can reduce the water pollution by 80% & air pollution by 90% using recycling junk or scrap vehicles.

This is why recycling salvages automobiles makes more sense rather than simply dumping them in landfills.

What About the Toxic materials in the automobiles?

If you choose an experienced recycling facility to sell your automobile they will handle all its hazardous parts carefully. Recycling toxic materials like batteries, oil, gas, engines, tyres also eliminate the need of space for landfills to dump such substances.

Proper shredding

When selling your junk vehicle to a recycling facility. You might be curious to know how they will treat it while recycling. For this, make sure to choose an authorized scrap auto recycling service.

Basically, we can easily dismantle the junk automobile and remove the reusable parts and recycle them. After this the recycle parts are easy to be manage for other running vehicles or for some other uses. The amazing fact is that, every year about 10 million of scrap steel metal is removed from the end of life automobiles in the form of steel and iron metal parts. There is a remarkable importance of responsible auto recycling procedures.

Whenever you feel that your automobile is ready to go to the end of the road and its no longer safe to run. It won’t be a smart idea to leave it rotting in an open landfill. Instead, be wise and simply give it to your local Auto recycling service as this is also one of the best ways to help your environment and its surroundings.

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