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Mitsubishi Triton wrecking, dismantling and recycling service

/ / Mitsubishi Triton wrecking, dismantling and recycling service

(Last Modified on: August 9, 2017)

Has your Mitsubishi Triton started spending more and more time at the local mechanics, getting fixed? This is when you can tell that the vehicle in question is on its last legs. Soon you will be able to rightfully claim to be the owner of a junk Mitsubishi. Unless you sell it now, that is.

You may be thinking that before you sell it, you will need to have it completely repaired, otherwise no-one in their right mind will buy it off you. But if you live in Melbourne, this isn’t the case. We here at Ali Wreckers will buy it off you in the condition that it is in. What’s more, we will do it fast. You will have it sold within the day, or less. This is truly the easiest and most stress free way to sell a car.

Any Mitsubishi condition we buy

When selling vehicles, everyone knows that if it is in bad condition it will be harder to sell. This is why people make repairs before placing ads. But what if the cost of repairs is more than the price of a new Mitsubishi? The good news is: if that is the case, we will buy it. We don’t mind if a car is a complete wreck, because we are just going to be wrecking it further. We do this so we can salvage parts and materials such as steel, which we then sell and make money.

If your vehicle looks as though it has been in a war, and you believed that no-one will buy it, now you know that we will be more than happy to buy it off you.

Best cash for old Mitsubishi Tritons

The fact that selling a car only to feel ripped off is not lost on us. We don’t want to put anyone through this, so we make sure to offer only the most cash. In fact, we pay up to $15000 for Mitsubishi Tritons that are in good condition.

Get a Free Cash Quote

You are invited to contact us in order to get a free, no obligations quote. Provide us with some information on key aspects of your vehicle, such as its age and condition. To do so you need only call or enquire online. The number is 0406 355 786. There is a quote request form that is easy and simple to fill out on our website.

Free Mitsubishi removal Melbourne wide

We are not one of those shifty companies that buy the vehicle and then make the seller pay for the transportation of said automobile. Instead, we pay cash on the spot, and then we go about the task of hauling it off using our own equipment. We wouldn’t even dream of deducting the cost from the amount that we pay. Our main concern is making sure that our customers get the most cash with the least effort.

Triton parts for sale

If you want to know where to find the best used parts, at the most affordable prices, you would be well advised to try Ali Wreckers. We have a huge selection of parts that come with a 30 to 90 days limited warrantee. Call us or enquire online. You will not be sorry!


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