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How to maximize the resale price while selling a car in Melbourne?

/ / How to maximize the resale price while selling a car in Melbourne?

(Last Modified on: July 14, 2015)

If you search online, you will see that there are thousands of similar cars for sale just like yours. If you want to get the good price for your vehicle, then you need to be stand out with your options. You must need to come up with the descriptive and easy to understand details of the vehicle so that potential buyers can entice on the specifications they want.

Selling car in Melbourne

Some of major tasks should be in your “to do” list:

  • Just try to be descriptive to your vehicle – Be specific with your description. WOF and COF dates of the vehicle. Odometer reading if possible. You find any present defects or mechanical problems, just be honest with that.
  • Be honest with the parking of the vehicle – Do you park the vehicle inside or outside the garage? You need to mention that in front of buyers. Most of the times, insurance companies ask about that.
  • Maintenance and servicing performance status – Buyers are always very keen on knowing the past servicing and maintenance history of the vehicle.
  • Always be invited to the buyers with some QA – People always ask you so many questions before buying the vehicle because buying a vehicle is not a small decision. You have to be passionate and answer to all them politely.
  • Upload as many vehicle photos you can – People love to see rather than read sometimes. It is always great to show the photos of all the features of the vehicle. If you can make the quick video that would be a plus, however, some websites won’t allow you to upload the video presentation.
  • Upload the classified on as many websites as you can – Always good to syndicate the classified into different websites so that you can get the more and more audience.

Just follow these basic steps and you should be able to get the most cash for your vehicle. If you still find it hard then get in touch with Ali Auto Wreckers, where you can sell your car in Melbourne at top prices without involving yourself in the loop.



WRITTEN BY Ali Wreckers | July 14, 2015 | Category: Melbourne Wreckers

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