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5 John St, Dandenong, Melbourne

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Car wreckers Melbourne, western suburbs

/ Car wreckers Melbourne, western suburbs

(Last Modified on: June 12, 2020)

Have you been with your car for a few years now? That will make it even sadder for you to come to the realisation that the vehicle has broken down so badly that it probably won’t run again. However, the idea that selling a junk car is nearly impossible is junk plain wrong. You can easily sell your vehicle to a car wrecking company, and if you live in the Western Suburbs the best wrecking outfit is Ali Wreckers. We only pay top cash, and we don’t only buy cars. We buy Utes, 4×4’s, SUV’s, vans and trucks. So contact us and get paid!

We Pay the Supreme Cash for Scrap Cars

We are so keen on wrecking as many automobiles as possible that we will pay the most money in town for anyone’s scrap vehicle. If you want to know how much sweet cash we will shell out for your junk automobile, all you need to do is contact us. Call 0406 355 786, or fill out a form that we have on our website. Tell us how old your ride is, what condition it is in, its make and its model. Then we will get back to you with a free no obligations money quote.

Free Vehicle Removal All over the Western Suburbs

There is a major concern that people have with auto wrecking companies, and that is whether or not they offer free car removal. This is fair enough as you will be selling your vehicle and you want to walk away from the deal with the most money possible. And having to pay for the removal only cuts into that. Here at Ali Wreckers we understand this, so that is why we remove your vehicle for free. You won’t have to pay a single cent for our removal service.

We Buy Cars Regardless of What Condition they are in

The reason you are selling your junk truck to us is because no-one normally buys junk automobiles. When a person is out looking for a vehicle to purchase, they don’t want one that will cost more to fix than it cost to buy. However, here at Ali Wreckers we are in the business of wrecking junk cars. We do this in order to salvage all the valuable components on said automobile. Even if all the parts are useless due to extensive damage, the steel will still be worth money. So don’t worry about how bad the condition your vehicle is in.

We Will Buy Your Vehicle Regardless of its Brand, Make or Model

It is true that cars from the popular brands will be easier to sell if you are selling via the more traditional avenues. However, if you are selling to us here at Ali Wreckers it doesn’t matter what the make or model is. We will still buy it regardless. So whether your vehicle is a Mazda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Ford, Holden, Lexus, Nissan, Hyundai, Isuzu, SsangYong, Honda, Subaru, KIA or Mercedes Benz, we will be more than willing to hand over maximum dollars for it.

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Just make a call @ 0406 355 786 or fill up one of inquiry form on our website and find out the price of your junk vehicle today.

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    The crew at Ali Wreckers is great to deal with. Sold my Toyota Hilux and got the best price for that. Highly Recommended.

    Jake Smith

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