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How Melbourne Auto Wreckers Operate their Car Scrap Yards

/ / How Melbourne Auto Wreckers Operate their Car Scrap Yards

(Last Modified on: June 11, 2020)

If there is one indispensable asset in most people’s day to day lives, it is the car. There is no faster way to travel relatively short distances. Cars are so ubiquitous that the automotive industry has risen to become a giant, along with the petroleum industry. Our very physical geography has been shaped by cars, with roads being planned out with them in mind. It has become more important now to find ways to become less reliant on oil as well, which the auto industry is taking seriously. Car Scrap Yards are the solutions for that.


What is a Salvage Yard (Car Scrap Yard)?

Each year the amount of cars that bite the dust is numbered in the millions. We call these automobiles “scrap cars” or something similar. It generally means that the automobile in question has taken on a lot of damage or disrepair. It will not be driveable unless it is fixed. However, fixing it will cost more dollars than the vehicle in question is worth. This is when it is time to sell the car to an auto wrecking company to be recycled at the company’s wrecking yard.

Many people assume that this will be a difficult mission. But this is a common misconception. The truth is far from that picture. When anyone needs to sell a clunker, they have an option that is easy and simple. Selling to an auto wrecking company such as Cash for Car.

How Will the Melbourne Auto Wreckers Provide You with the Best Service?

Auto wrecking companies play very important roles within their communities. They effectively buy the cars that no-one wants. The vehicles that through bad luck, misfortune, age or lack of proper maintenance, have bitten the dust for good.

This means that you don’t have an excuse for leaving that vehicle on your lawn. It also means that all those scrap cars that enter junk-hood each year are properly recycled for the good of the environment. They also sell the used parts that they get from these scrap automobiles. People now have handy and easy avenues for purchasing high quality used auto-components. What good luck!

How the Auto Wreckers Evaluate a Scrap Car’s worth

You may be wondering exactly how the auto wrecking company discovers how much scrap cars are worth. What a good question. Well, first of all, you need to contact them if you are looking to get a quote for the price of your clunker. This is easy enough to do, as it just involves calling them over the phone or filling out an online form.

The company you contact only need to know your car’s basic details, on top of what condition it is in. So it is important to look at your car closely and take note of all the parts that you know are broken, as well as the dents and scratches it may have. Other than that, the age, make and model are all needed. The quote you receive should be provided within the same day, with enough time for the company to come over, do a physical inspection, pay you and remove the car.

It is Easy to Sell a Scrap Car to an Auto Wrecker

Putting a car on the private market is not a walk in the park. You need to complete a laundry list of tasks, which makes it a very involved process. This includes cleaning the car, getting it serviced, taking photos, placing adverts in the paper and online, and the list goes on. If you are selling the car “as is” because it is a complete clunker, you won’t have to prepare the car. But you won’t be getting any buyers any time soon.

People want to buy cars that they can drive. But not auto wrecking companies. They don’t care if they can’t drive the vehicle. All they care about is paying you good cash for your scrap car. They also care about making a living from the sale of used parts, but that is a distant second.

Melbourne’s Number One Auto Wrecking Company

There are a few different auto wrecking outfits in the beautiful city of Melbourne. But you want to sell your car to the best one, don’t you? How do you figure out who the best is? If you can find out who pays the most, provides the best services and who is the most reliable, trustworthy and reputable, you are on the right road.

One thing you can look at is free quotes they give. Get a few from a handful of different sources. Find out who provides free removal. You can speed up the process of choosing the best company by seeing which one is called “Ali Wreckers” That would be us, and we are the best in town.

Why Choose Ali Wreckers in Melbourne?

We pay top cash for car and provide free scrap car removal in Melbourne for your vehicle no matter where you live in Melbourne, VIC. This is a service that we are proud of as it ensures that our customers don’t have to spend money to sell their scrap cars. You shouldn’t have to pay a towing company in order to sell your clunker to us.

We will buy your vehicle no matter what its make or model happens to be. Our team will buy your vehicle even if it is in the worst condition that a vehicle can possibly be in. We will buy your vehicle because we care about the environment and want to recycle all the cars.

How to Contact Car Scrap Yards in Melbourne?

You have the choice to make of whether to call us or go to our website and fill out the online form there. This is easily done either way. The number for you to go about dialling if that is your thing is 0406 355 786. We will take note of your car’s details and use them to provide you with the most accurate appraisal of your car’s worth. If you accept our offer the rest will be gravy. Contact us, we are keen on hearing from you!


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