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What is the best way selling scrap cars in Melbourne?

/ / What is the best way selling scrap cars in Melbourne?

(Last Modified on: July 31, 2017)

  • Do you have an old car model that is not properly taken care of?
  • Do you have an unused vehicle that just sitting idle in your garage or driveway?
  • Have you recently got into an accident and your insurance company has written it off?
  • Are you looking to sell an imported vehicle that is more than 10 years old?

If you find yourself in any of the above situation, then you would be looking to sell as fast as possible. Well! There are some of the popular options through which you can sell your old or used vehicle for cash.

  • Listing it for sale in your local newspaper;
  • Listing it for sale on gumtree or other classified websites;
  • Placing an advertisement in your local newspaper;
  • Placing an advert in auto selling websites;
  • Giving a call to your local auto wrecker for quick cash quote and same day removal.

Whatever option you choose to sell your vehicle you will have to do some quick checks on your own because it will help you to save your time and limit the troubles. Make sure to check the following things:

  • If your vehicle is properly drive-able or not;
  • Whether or not you need a towing service to have your automobile removed;
  • Plus, whether you need to renew your vehicle license or not.

These are some necessary things that you must take care of because private sellers won’t usually arrange a tow truck to collect your automobile from your property. In addition, the cost of towing a vehicle would be too high for a private buyer unless you are selling a rather newer automobile at a very cheap rate.

Private vehicle owners also like to have a vehicle with a few months of registration because it would help them to avoid getting a certificate of road worthiness straightaway. Further, if you decide to keep your registration and plates and registration, you can return it to Vicroads and get cash for the remaining months of registration.

You can try selling it through a private sale

If you have sufficient time, you can think of selling your car to a private buyer. As some vehicle wreckers may not pay you good cash as compared to the reputed ones. This is the only disadvantage of having your automobile removed by an individual wrecker. But there are a number of advantages of dealing with the reputed ones like you don’t have to wait to get paid for your machine. You don’t have to respond to all the annoying enquiries of every passing buyer. Beside this, you don’t have to be concerned about describing the vehicle’s exact condition.

When considering all of the above mentioned factors you should make a decision on where to sell your vehicle. This is because there are often times when people fail to sell their automobiles to a private buyer and then choose to contact an auto wrecker after waiting for several months.

Sell your car to Ali Wreckers

Ali Wreckers are the leading auto removal specialists in Melbourne offering quick cash for cars and same day removals at no extra cost. We are passionate to buy all kinds of junk vehicles, including cars, vans, Utes, trucks, SUVs and 4WDs. We are the number one car wreckers in Melbourne paying best cash for cars. Find out the top 10 reasons to sell your car to Ali Wreckers.

Furthermore, we have our service outlets across all the regions of Melbourne so you can easily access our services. You can simply obtain an instant quote over the phone or through our online form.


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