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5 Common Q & A before Dealing with Ali Wreckers

/ / 5 Common Q & A before Dealing with Ali Wreckers

(Last Modified on: October 12, 2022)


The Team at Ali Wreckers always strives to offer the outstanding automobile wrecking and used car parts, services throughout Frankston, Dandenong, Springvale and Melbourne, VIC. We always eager to educate our regular customers who can read our blogs and take the advantage of our useful services including Auto Wrecking, Vehicle Recycling, Auto Dismantling and safe disposal. We know that you understand the most of our services, however, we just wanted to share 5 common questions asked by our customers in the majority:

Where can I sell my unwanted car?

We can absolutely understand that selling a car is not a child’s play and if you do then you may need to incorporate your valuable time into the advertising and selling process which doesn’t make any sense since you can deal with Ali Wreckers and get the top cash for cars quote on the phone. You can simply compare our quote with other options and we offer a 100% guarantee that nobody can beat our price.

We buy cars in any condition including broken, totaled in an accident, junk or scrapped, mechanically faulty or totally unwanted.

Can I donate my scrap car to Ali Wreckers instead?

Yes, you can. This will be your additional step to keep your environment safe while selling your scrap or junk to wreckers because we do safe disposing and recycling as the part of our job. Also, metal recycling would be very beneficial to the different industries produce the daily household products.

Where can I buy the second hand car parts?

Simple and easy. Just give us a call with your vehicle’s registration number or chassis number. And we will give you part’s availability and the quote straight away. If you like our quote, we can post the spare part to your door. However, some shipping charges will be involved. Which you can avoid by picking the spare part from our scrap yards. Making easier to buy the second hand car parts in Melbourne now.

Can I pick a part on my own?

Sure, why not? Just visit us at 5 John St, Dandenong, Melbourne if you are living around and you can browse the spare part yourself. In this case, you can avoid service and shipping charges. Please get an appointment before visiting and someone will help you on the gates.

Do I get any warranty for the auto parts?

Yes, we offer limited warranties for the auto parts. It varies from 30 to 90 days. It depends on the nature of the product. For all other inquiries about the auto parts, please give us a call at 0406 355 786 or fill up one of electronic form on our website.

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