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Car Recycling Melbourne

/ Car Recycling Melbourne

(Last Modified on: February 7, 2020)

Once the vehicle that you have had for many years reaches its end of life stage. You will be best to have it disposed of properly. The best way to make sure of this is to choose to sell your old automobile to a top dollars for Cars Company in Melbourne, Victoria. This will make sure that not only do you get paid. But the vehicle will be recycled, which is best for the environment. We all love our green environment and this is our combined commitment to keep it safe for our future generations.

Here at Ali Wreckers in Melbourne, we make sure we recycle every vehicle in an environmentally correct matter, via regulations put in place by the government. We have an excess of skills and expertise, and use this to your advantage.


Great for the Environment

We have a team that is trained in the proper disposal of any and all toxic materials that can be found in your average automobile. This is done to the standards that are required by the government. It ensures that these toxic materials don’t make it into the environment. We prefer the responsible vehicle recycling and expect same from others. You better check out the importance of responsible auto recycling.


It is also helpful to recycle materials such as steel. So that energy resources that are used to extract raw materials used to make steel from the ground are saved, lessening the amount of carbon dioxide (the main driver of climate change) released into the environment.

Top Dollars for Your Car

We pay up to $9999 for cars, SUV’s, vans, Utes, trucks and 4WD’s. If you want to dispose of your vehicle you would be wise to choose us. As we want you to get the most amount of money you could possibly get given its condition. We pay maximum dollars for cars in Melbourne with guarantee and always happy to do the price match for all competitors genuine price offers.

Any Make or Model

We don’t have any sort of list of makes that we won’t buy. This is a good thing for all car owners living in Melbourne Because no matter what make of vehicle you have, you can sell to Ali Wreckers.

So whether your car is an Audi, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Holden, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Volkswagen, Peugeot or Ford, it doesn’t make a difference.


Used Car Parts at Affordable Prices

Fixing a vehicle can be an annoyance. But even worse is having to buy new parts. Because they can be expensive, and second hand parts are often bad quality. But if you get your second hand auto parts online from us. You can expect to get high quality parts without having to break your band into smithereens. We have got the special expertise in car battery and tyre recycling.

Finally, just keep in mind that your trash can be treasured for the automotive experts. So do not let your vehicles go in the trash. Give us a call at 0406 355 786 or fill one of our website forms and book your free vehicle removal anywhere in Melbourne, VIC with us today.

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    The crew at Ali Wreckers is great to deal with. Sold my Toyota Hilux and got the best price for that. Highly Recommended.

    Jake Smith

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